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The Winery owns about 21 hectares of vineyard of which 16 ha are dedicated to Sangiovese vines from clones obtained by research in Tuscany. The plants which are cultivated in the area of Montalcino have been selected personally by Pierluigi Talenti himself. The resulting product has great character and personality. The remaining 5 hectares are planted with indigenous and international varieties, such as Colorino, Canaiolo and Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet.
The vines grow in a soil of medium density with rock fragments and is situated at an altitude of about 200 to 400 m a.s.l., an area very well suited for high-quality production, further backed by a micro-climate which particularly favours viticulture. Planting density goes from around 5000 plants/ha of the old vineyards, to up to 7000 plants/ha of the more recent ones, all trained with the spurred cord method.
The cultivation of olives, has a long tradition in Tuscany and has greatly influenced its landscape and culture. In the area of Montalcino this ancient farming culture has reached a particularly high quality level.
The Winery owns 4 ha with recently planted olive-trees intermingled with centennial plants which survived the severe frost of 1985. Varieties planted are Correggiolo and Moraiolo in the order of 400 plants per hectare. The fruits are collected by hand during the months of October and November, and by the next 36 hours they are delivered to the oil-mill. Here takes place the cold extraction in order to reduce the oxidation risk and to preserve the fresh and aromatic characteristics of our product.